About Us

Genesis: In the Beginning ...

It all started over brunch at The Dish & Dram, a restaurant owned by Jerry Hollinger, a 1985 graduate of LMS.  Four LMS Alumni reminisced over our memories of our senior trip to Washington, D.C.  We noted that December 2019 will be 35 years since the class of 1985 arrived by Elite Coach into Washington, D.C. for their Senior Trip.  How fun would it be to have a reunion back in Washington D.C.?

Sure, 35 years is a bit of an odd year for a reunion, but did our education at LMS teach us to be conformists?  In the weeks that followed, ideas that we discussed over brunch were shared more broadly among alumni and with LMS staff, and we learned that others had been thinking of an alumni trip to D.C. as well.  The decision was made to go for it, and here we are!  We are excited to be embarking on this adventure and hope that you will join us to reconnect with classmates and other alumni, and to revisit the place of our Senior Trip adventures - Washington, D.C.!

This will not be a replica of your Senior Trip. It will have a few more comforts and opportunities to reconnect with other LMS Alumni. Come to reminisce, come to adventure!

Your Trip Planners are:

Dawn Eberly ('85)


Lives in Bowie, Maryland

Working as Administrative Assistant for the City of Greenbelt Recreation Department

Jerry Hollinger ('85)


Lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Chef/Restauranteur and co-owner of the 2018 Rammy Award winning restaurant, The Daily Dish in Silver Spring, MD and The Dish & Dram in Kensington, MD

Jodi Alderfer ('83)


Lives in Alsace Manor, Pennsylvania

World Language Teacher (German, Spanish & French), and Group Coordinator with EF Go Ahead Tours

Lisa Cooper


Travel Specialist & Franchise Owner at Cruiseplanners.  A big thank you from the planning team for LIsa's help in managing hotel and trip logistics, and for providing web-based registration services for this trip.

Special Thanks to:


Heidi Stoltzfus & John Denlinger for their support and assistance in giving life to this concept.


Dottie Weber for her support and assistance in the initial planning stages and for her gracious fielding of questions throughout the planning process.